Vanilla Spongy Cake

Vanilla Spongy Cake

All time favorite, easy to make, easy to bake, most basic vanilla cake, fluffy,  moist, sweet and delicious cake.


1½cup- all purpose flour 

1tbsp- vanilla essence 

½cup- melted butter/oil

1tsp- baking powder 

⅙tsp- soda

⅔cup- sugar (powder)

¼cup- curd ( fresh )

⅓cup- milk


1) take deep bowl add all wet ingredients and mix well, now add sugar powder and whisk till sugar melted.

2) now, take sieve add flour, baking powder, baking soda and sift together in wet mixture.

3) mix everything together with the help of whisk ( better should be smooth lumps free )

If milk is required add 1-2 tbsp gradually.

4) take cake tin grease with butter/oil and dust with some flour. Now pour better and tab for 2-3 times.

5) preheat oven at 180⁰ and bake your cake for 40-45mins ( check after 40mins ).

Insert toothpick inside cake,bif toothpick comes out clean means cake is baked.

6) take out the tin and let it cool down, then transfer your cake to a plate. Garnish your cake as you want.

Your spongy cake is ready.

Imp Note:- 

-You can adjust the sugar little bit.

– Some flours absorb extra moisture and some not, it’s depending on flour thickness, if your better is not smooth add 1-2 tbsp milk gradually.

-Never check cake before 30 mins.

– If toothpick is not clean then cake for another 5-10mins.

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