Tiranga Dhokla

🇮🇳 Tiranga Dhokla 

(Tri-color Dhokla) 🇮🇳 

Happy Independence Day INDIA (15 August 2020)  History, Significance, Facts and Celebration. It is the 74th Indian Independence Day this year which means India has achieved 🇮🇳 73 years of freedom. We as Indians pay respect to all the leaders who fought bravely for our nation’s freedom in the past.

And let’s pray 🙏 Happinesss For INDIA 🇮🇳.  

Making healthy Independence Day.


100gms- spinach 

20gm- coriander leaves

3-4 – carrots roughly chopped 

2inch- beetroot (for color optional)

1½cup- Semolina /Suji


1½ tbsp- Eno

1½tsp- ginger, garlic, green chilli paste

1/2tsp- Red Chilli powder

1tsp- Mustard seeds tsp

Some curry leaves

2tbsp- oil

Salt as per your taste

Water as required


1) In a bowl add semolina add all of the curd and salt and mix it well then add about ¼ cup of water and mix till you get a thick dough type consistency then keep it aside for 15 mins.

(Meanwhile lets prepare the puree).

2)Take kadai boil the enough water then add the spinach and cook it for the next 2-3 mins on hight flame. After 2-3 mins remove the spinach and transfer in cold water for 1min, so the color of the spinach remains vibrant green.

3) Transfer Spinach and coriander leaves in blender jar and blender till you get a smooth puree and then remove it in a bowl.

4)For carrot puree add the sliced carrots and beetroot along with ¼ cup of water and blend it till you not get smooth puree and then remove it in a bowl.

5) Now divide the soaked suji into 3 equal portions.

1st portion add the green chilli paste and about 4-5tbsp of spinach puree and mix it in till you get a good consistency (little bit thicker than the cake consistency) and now keep it aside.

6) In 2nd portion add ¼ cup of water or may be little extra and mix it well till you get same consistency like spinach batter.

7) 3rd portion add 4-5 tbsp of carrots puree and mix till you get the same consistency.

8) Meanwhile keep water for steam process.

9) Now grease a cake tin or any other shape and size tin/pan with oil.

10) take 1st green portion add ½tsp- eno and mix it well going in one direction and then pour it into the tin and place it in steamer cover with lid and steam for 4-5mins on high flame.

11)After 5 minutes remove the lid and see if the spinach dhokla are somewhat cooked and then take the 2nd portion and add ½tsp-eno mix it and pour it on top of the spinach batter make sure to spread evenly. Steam for another 4-5 mins.

12)After 5 minutes remove the lid and see if the white dhokla is somewhat cooked and then repeat the same process with 3rd portion. And now steam it for 10mins on high flame.

13)After 10 minutes dhoklas should be perfectly cooked so remove them and let them cool down for the next 10 mins.

14) Now run a knife around the corners of the tin and tranfer in a plate.

For Tadka ( Tempering )

In a tempering pan add the oil and once it’s hot add mustard seeds and once they sizzle add curry leaves and red chilli powder give a quick mix and pour it on top of the dhoklas.

Your Tri-color 🇮🇳 Tiranga Dhokla is Ready To serve.

Note:- Adjust the consistency of better adding little amount of water.

Divide better in 3 equal parts to get perfect thickens of layers.

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