Malai Paneer ( White Sauce Cottage Cheese )

Malai Paneer ( White Sauce Cottage Cheese )

Malai Paneer is very simple in making, it is tasty and full of creamy recipe . You can make this recipe anytime with few ingredients. Enjoy this with Lachha Paratha, phulka.


200gms- Paneer (cottage cheese)

1medium onion roughly chopped 

½cup- cream/malai

¼cup- fresh yogurt/curd

1inch- cinnamon 

2tbsp- butter 

½tbsp- oil

2pods- green cardamom (seeds)

1inch- ginger

15nos- cashew nuts

½tspn- black pepper 

1cup- water 

½cup- milk ( warm )

1-2 –  green chilli 

Salt to taste 


1) Take pan heat ½tbsp oil and 1tbsp butter. Now add cinnamon, cardamom seeds, ginger, cashew nuts and green chilli saute for a minute ( medium flame )

2)  now add onions fry for few seconds ( on high flame ) then add 1cup water and cover pan with lid and boil for 3 min.  ( on high flame )

3) after 3 mins turn off the flame and let the mixture cool down.

4) Now take the mixer and grind into a smooth paste.

5) Take same pan, hear Butter (on low flame) add gravy and curd, now stir continuously for 1 minute.

6) Now add cream, salt and milk ( stir continuously on low flame ) at same time add paneer cubes and mix gently.  Cover your pan with lid, cook for 1min.  ( do not over cook ). 

( you can adjust the consistency of gravy with the help of warm milk )

Your Malai Paneer is ready to serve.

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