Authentic Chana Masala / Kabuli chana ( White Chi

Authentic Chana Masala / Kabuli chana         ( White Chick Peas )

Chana masala is delicious and full of protein and flavors, good for heart, helps in weight loss.

Chana masala is very famous in India, different cultures have their own way of cooking but today we are going to make in a authentic way. This dish is specially famous in punjab. Let’s start.

Method:- (soaking)

1cup chana wash them well and soak in water, minimum 8 hrs. Or overnight. 

Ingredients:- ( boiling chana process)

1 cup- soaked kabuli chana

1- black tea bag

Salt to taste 

2 tbsp- oil

4 cup- water 


1) In pressure cooker add chana, salt, oil and black tea bag  or if u not have ready to use tea bag then ( take 1tbsp tea and put it in any piece of cloth ‘thin material’ and make tight knots tea pouch is ready) and 4 cups of water.

2) now close the lid of cooker and pressure cook the chana on medium flame upto 4 to 5 whistle ( check once because some chana takes less time and some takes extra time ).

3) once the pressure is released open the lid and remove the tea bag, chana will become dark in color and gives good aroma because of tea.

4) take it out chana from water and keep aside. ( don’t throw chana water, will use it later in gravy. )

Ingredients:- ( for chana masala )

1tspn-  zeera 

1inch- cinnamon 

4nos.- cloves

1 black and 1green cardamom 

2- bay leaf 

1tspn- fennel seeds

4nos.- black pepper 

1½tspn- kasuri methi

2tspn- coriander seeds (khada dhana)

3-4 – dry red chilli ( spicy )


1) Take pan and dry roast all the ingredients in low flame for minute ( keep stirring continuously ).

2) Now, grind them onto a fine powder            ( chola masala is ready ).

Ingredients:- ( for making Gravy )

6-7nos.- garlic 

1½inch- ginger 

3 –  medium tomato roughly chopped 

1 – big onion roughly chopped 


Take a grinder jar add all ingredients and make a smooth paste.

Process of making chole:

1) In a hot kadai add 3 tbsp of oil, add onion tomato puree and salt mix well and let it cook for 5-6mins on medium flame or till oil start separate from gravy.

2) now add dry roasted powder and 1tsp of mango powder mix well and cook for few secs.

3) when gravy and masala is cooked properly, add chole and 1cup- chola water or( u can adjust the consistency while adding water how thick gravy u want ).

5) cover it with lid and cook for another 2-3mins on low flame.

6) Add finely chopped coriander leaves and serve hot.

It goes with chapati, puri, rice..

 Enjoy this amazing dish.

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